Guidance and Exploration


The first phase of the model is essential to create the foundation for successful and Sustainable Employment. We work to identify the interests, strengths and talents of our young people to explore suitable career pathways. We draw upon their talents to develop career goals and devise a plan to reach these goals in a timely, efficient manner.

  • Identify the strengths and talents of 
the participant
  • Explore potential career pathways
  • Develop goals and aspirations
  • Make a plan

  GET prepared

Work Readiness Preparation


Once we have helped the young person “Get a Plan”, we move onto the second phase. We then seek out the identified information on the industry specific skill-sets required and incorporate work readiness workshops, formal qualifications and training where necessary.

Participants are encouraged to engage in readiness workshops to expand their understanding of expectations in the workplace. This Phase allows participants to become proactive in their own personal development, to enhance their skills and refine their goals before undertaking employment.

  • Work readiness workshops (resume’s, applications & interview preparation etc)
  • Industry-specific learning (licenses, tickets, courses etc.)
  • Personal development (confidence, communication, team work)
  • External activities (externally delivered programs, work experience, Industry tasters)
  • Travel training (assistance with public transport, drivers licenses etc)
  • Financial assistance with interview clothing

  GET hired


The third phase is at the core of this model, Employment Outcomes! Now that we have assisted the young person to “Get prepared “ our work ready participants are assisted and encouraged to apply for and engage in any suitable Employment opportunities we have on our “ YES exclusive – jobs board”. Participants will be invited to attend community networking and recruitment opportunities and undertake face to face self-marketing with their coach to build relationships with employers, businesses and maintain connections for future opportunities.

  • Employment (minimum 20 hrs pw of full-time,
part-time or casual)
  • Internships, traineeships, apprenticeships
  • Business & Community networking (mentors,
industry specific connections)
  • Financial Assistance with Work clothing &

  GET secured

Post Placement Support


The final stage of the model focuses on post-placement support (PPS) where participants receive tailored assistance to “Get secure” and sustain their employment. Our PPS coach will check in on a regular basis with the “new employee” and on some occasions the employer for up to 6 months after our young person “gets hired” to make sure everything is going well and offer any support needed to ensure successful, ongoing employment and career development. The PPS coach will also make sure the young person is being paid correctly and treated fairly in the workplace as well as assist in correctly reporting any earnings to Centrelink where necessary.

  • Security in Employment
  • Tailored support for the participant & 
  • Assistance with Industry specific skills
  • Career development
  • Reporting, budgeting
  • Financial assistance with Travel, uniform and equipment.